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We aim to improve the quality of life of patients through epigenomic analyses

EPI-CALL™ is a second-generation Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) test that provides epigenomic analysis on top of existing genomic information. By performing Whole Transcriptomic Sequencing (WTS), we enable personalized medicine by predicting patient response to Immunotherapy (IO) and calling out gene fusions.

Report Gene Fusion

Reliable and comprehensive
reporting through WTS

Identify IO Responders

Test assay with 95% accuracy
and sensitivity

FFPE-based Workflow

Zero hassle in including epigenomic
analyses to existing NGS solutions

About The Test

EPI-CALL™ provides an integrated report that includes analysis of alternate promoters, gene fusion, and genomic information through the supplementation of genomic information.

With our proprietary technology, we are able to utilise the same number of slides to obtain both genomic and epigenomic information. Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that Alternate Promoter Score (APS) correlates well with response to immunotherapeutic agents, such as ICIs, and therefore could be used as a novel predictive biomarker for immunotherapy.

APS is calculated through a proprietary algorithm to provide predictive information that may be used to inform systemic treatment decisions with immunotherapy and/or chemotherapy. It is a score that ranges from 0-1 and is calculated from the data analysis of ~5,000 alternate promoters. The test has a demonstrated accuracy of 95% accuracy for Gastric Cancer and may be applicable to multiple Asian cancer types.

Using WTS, we can also make gene fusion calls and use other bioinformatics pipelines to analyse the data.

EPI-CALL™ complements current NGS tests today by incorporating epigenomic information with genomic information. The test provides a comprehensive report by identifying immunotherapy responders and gives actionable insights to clinicians with data-driven analytics.

Our Workflow

Receive FFPE Sample

DNA Extraction

RNA Extraction

Library Preparation

Library Preparation

DNA Sequencing

(Targeted or WES)

RNA Sequencing


Integrated Report


WTS = Whole Transcription Sequencing, WES = Whole Exome Sequencing