Personalised Medicine through Epigenomics

Providing actionable clinical insights with
our epigenomics based workflows and know-how

About Auristone

We are an epigenomics company with a focus on Asian diseases and population

Epigenomic Insights

Reporting actionable epigenomic information and analyses from proprietary pipelines and predictive models

Strong focus on Asia

Targeting cancers with higher Asian prevalence

Discovery Platform

Leveraging Asian epigenomics data for novel drug and biomarker discovery

For Clinicians

Our flagship product EPI-CALL™ is designed to provide actionable clinical insights through our NGS-based epigenomics workflow. By reporting epigenomic information and analyses with existing genomic information, we empower precision medicine approaches for cancer patients.

Make informed decisions with confidence and optimise patient outcomes. Order your test today!

For Researchers

Through Signomax™ , we offer Epigenomics-as-a-Service to support your studies, propel discoveries, and advance your research endeavours.

We provide comprehensive epigenomic profiles through RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) and Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) services and bioinformatics pipelines. Contact our team to find out more about Signomax™.

For Academic Researchers

Nano ChIP-Seq, RNA-based WTS, and bioinformatics analysis to complement your research with epigenomic information

For Healthcare Professionals

We offer actionable clinical information based on our NGS-compatible epigenomic workflow

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News and Events

Auristone Receives A*STAR T-Up Excellence Award at SWITCH 2023

Auristone is proud to receive the annual T-Up Emerging Awards together with Mr Goh Weixun. This recognizes the exceptional contributions of A*STAR Research Scientists and Engineers (RSEs) to local enterprises such as Auristone, in helping companies achieve significant milestones in their businesses.