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Nano ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq

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Our workflow

RNA-Seq as a service

Library preparation

We offer RNA-Seq services for Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) samples. Our library
preparation service accommodates low sample input and places no limits on sample quality (DV200).

Table 1: Comparison of sample requirements between Auristone and other vendors

Compared to Vendor A’s RNA-Seq library preparation on FFPE samples, Auristone delivers a
consistent yield exceeding tenfold, while maintaining a higher pass rate*.

*Pass rate refers to libraries that pass Quality Check (QC) metrics and requirements for sequencing

Table 2: Comparison of average yield and pass rate for library preparation between Auristone and Vendor A

Custom analysis

We provide RNA-Seq data processing and analysis, including differential gene expression, gene set enrichment analysis and specific signature visualizations, among other analyses.

We are dedicated to supporting your research endeavours and accelerating your scientific journey. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals efficiently. With a focus on excellence, we offer fast turnaround times, ensuring you receive publication-ready data promptly. Should you have any additional requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us at

Nano ChIP-Seq as a service

Auristone employs a proprietary Nano-scaled Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (Nano ChIP-Seq) workflow to explore post-translational histone modifications in samples. ChIP-Seq is a powerful technique that integrates ChIP assays with Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to examine interactions between DNA and proteins. The nano-scaled nature of our ChIP-Seq protocol stems from the requirement for ultra-low sample input. This ultra-sensitive technology enables a wider-range of applications for discovery, validation, and screening of genome-wide histone modifications in a reliable and efficient manner. With these capabilities, Signomax™ effectively addresses unmet needs in epigenomic biomarker discovery.

Histone Modifications Marks

H3K4me3 and/or H3K27ac

Ultra-Low Sample Input

Requires 1-2 million cells and offers
2x sensitivity

Sample Compatibility

Accepts cell lines, fresh frozen and
Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded
(FFPE) slides

End-To-End Support

Developed a streamlined and highly
reproducible workflow from sample
preparation to data analysis

ChIP-Seq examines DNA-protein interactions using antibodies

Antibody-based Precipitation


DNA Sequencing

Antibody- Based Precipitation

Specific antibody is used to precipitate DNA-bound Protein of Interest (POI)


DNA bound to the POI is isolated

DNA Sequencing

Isolated DNA fragments are sequenced to determine DNA binding sites for POI

Additional data analysis offered

Data Quality Control and Alignment

Peak Calling

Enrichment Metrics

Enrichment Visualization

Sample data and figures

Fig 1. A snapshot of genome tracks showing regions with histone modification (peaks) using Signomax™’s Nano ChIP-Seq technology, compared with standard protocols without Signomax™

Fig 2. Bar chart showing annotation of peaks detected by Nano ChIP-Seq

Fig 3. Performance output of Signomax’s Nano ChIP assay versus other commercially available ChIP kits

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Our Workflow

We provide RNA-seq as a service

Ordering of Service

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Ship samples to our laboratory

Receive report within 10 to 12 weeks