Our Company


We focus on both Asian cohorts and diseases to build up an epigenomic database that serves as a platform for novel drug and biomarker discoveries. We further develop proprietary pan-cancer epigenomic predictive models to deliver clinical insights that are complementary to genomic information today.

Our flagship clinical product, EPI-CALL™, reports epigenomic information for patients and identifies probability of response to immunotherapy. It is complementary with current Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tests and does not require additional Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) slides. Through EPI-CALL™, we empower clinicians to make better treatment decisions for their patients.

Through our research service Signomax™, a proprietary ChIP-Seq process that is compatible with both FFPE slides and fresh frozen tissues, we advance, accelerate, and drive epigenomic research endeavours.

Why Work With Us

We aim to deliver better
healthcare to patients

Our Vision

We use epigenomics to provide quality healthcare and wellness in the communities we serve

Our Mission

We use epigenomics to advance precision medicine in cancers

Our Offerings

EPI-CALL™ – A second-generation NGS test to predict patient’s response to immunotherapy

Signomax™ – A proprietary ChIP-Seq service on both FFPE and fresh frozen tissue to analyse histone modifications

Our Partners

We have existing partnerships with A*STAR, Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), Centre for Genomic Diagnostics (CGD), and Diagnostic Development Hub (DxD) to support the development and delivery of our offerings

Our Timeline

July 2021

Incorporation Of Company

July 2021
August 2021

Seed Investment Round

August 2021
Q1 2023

Launch of Signomax™ service

Q1 2023
Q3 2023

Launch of EPI-CALL™ Lab Developed Test (LDT) service

Q3 2023